Measuring Social Media ROI

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Bear with me, it’s worth it.I know we hear this numerous times but i think people can’t stress this enough so i’ll repeat it. Social media marketing is and will be the easiest and cheapest way to advertise and furthermore? The most easily measured marketing ROI.

Still we find people being uneducated about new marketing methods and saying they can’t pull precise metrics about that kind of ROI. I usually reply with something like “So we can pull precise metrics of ROI from TV/Radio commercials, billboards and flyers?” lets be realistic now. In all kinds of marketing “and not only” you get approaches, estimated percentages, mediums, and average numbers, and with social media? you get by far the most accurate numbers, let’s now move to how you actually do that.

Social Media Management Software

Social media management software solutions came a long way, we are not talking about intangible assets anymore… The only problem is people get baffled and they use these solutions only to monitor basic streams and publish. Or they simply bump to some “X platform university program” and they run screaming because let’s face it. A marketer’s time is really limited.

Social Media CRM Software

Then we have the professionals that did master social media management software and they moved to elite next gen platforms where you monitor your social media channels, engage, publish and analyze.

> You can re-direct constructive feedback to and complains to appropriate departments.
> There is collaboration and you can simply assign tasks to other teammates.
> Get the source of the person that came in the first place with link shorten and track services like bitly integrated into the platform.
> Get precise metrics about the increase of followers, the quality of your content, the response time of your agents and your engagement.
> Triangulate these numbers with Google Analytics, numbers of registrations, increases in calls to action, and finals purchases.
> And do Chart by chart comparison gets you the metrics you need to get the final ROI.

You can also use a combination of the best tools that specialize in each section individually for instance i would suggest Buffer for Scheduling messages any time of the day.

“All of the above sounds like a fuzz but it’s really not if it’s either your job or you just know what tools to use, there are alternatives routes but that’s the topic of another post.”

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